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Tissue paper colours:

Custom Hamper Red Tissue Paper
Custom Hamper Green Tissue Paper
Custom Hamper Chocolate Tissue Paper
Custom Hamper Orange Tissue Paper
Custom Hamper Blue Tissue Paper

Ribbon colours:

Chocolate with Blue Dots Hot Pink Satin Natural Rib with White Trim
Organza and Satin Red Sheer Green Orange Satin

The Mini Me collection is available in six theme'seach containing 3 delicious 60g jars. Great for a small thank you gift.  The Mini me is packaged with a porcelain spoon, ribboned and gift tagged. Mini Me is available in the following themes:

  • Entertaining - Kalamata and Roast Garlic Tapenade, Rich Green Olive Tapenade, Tomato, Basil and Oregano Chutney with a porcelain spoon
  • BBQ- Basil and Roast Garlic Pesto, Roasted capsicum Mustard, Spicy Chilli Tomato Chutney  with a porcelain spoon.
  • Wine - Chardonnay Mustard, Chardonnay and lemon Dressing, Peppercorn Shiraz Mustard and a porcelain spoon.
  • Jams- Strawberry and Fig, Apricot, peach and Vanilla, Raspberry and Rhubarb with a porcelain spoon.
  • Dessert- Rich Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Peppermint Sauce, Raspberry Sauce with a porcelain spoon.
  • Salsa- Tomato, Mango and Chili Salsa, Capsicum. Lime and Garlic Salsa, Tomato. Olive and caper Salsa with a porcelain spoon.




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