Summer Salads Gift Box

Summer Salads Gift Box
Summer Salads Packed

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The days are long and hot... and no-one wants to cooks. Summer Salads keeps the heat down in the kitchen but interest on the table with these delicious, satisfying meals.  The Summer Salad Pack includes a 23cm Salad Bowl, 2 Pocket herbs to grow, Summer Salads Cookbook and 180ml Italian Garlic Balsamic Dressing.  Packed in a deluxe white two part gift box.  Minimum order 10.

This gift can be customised to any budget.

The starter Summer Salads gift box includes:

Summer Salads Cook Book     

Salad Bowl          23 x 10 x 11cm         

2 x Organic Herb Garden – basil & chives  

Italian Garlic Balsamic Dressing  



Price:   $58.50 ex GST & Freight
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Product Code:   Summer Salads

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